TTU Power Box is specialized in high tech power supply systems. Since 1982, we offer our customers with the most suitable solutions for protecting their critical electronic equipment against power disturbances. Our systems are used by wide range of companies active in the field of Information Technology, Industry, health care, Instrumentation, Telecommunication, Finance and etc.

We are the reseller and service station for the following products:

GE Digital Energy Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System:
The GE Digital Energy is the technology Leader of the crossroads of information systems reliability and energy supplies. GE Digital Energy supplies UPS systems to protect computer equipment varying from single workstation/server to large LAN/WAN networks. Besides that, GE Digital Energy is the technology leader in the three-phase UPS range mainly for industrial use. GE Digital Energy develops and manufactures UPS system for the whole range from 0.5kVA up to 3000kVA. These systems include the UPS software for automatic shutdown/reboot and (remote) power monitoring.

Salicru Power Line conditioners and Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) System:
Salicru S.A. (based in Spain) is dedicated to develop and manufacture electromechanical self-regulating voltage equipment for diverse sectors and industrial application. Salicru's Power Line Conditioners (PLC) and UPS system are designed according to the need of strict regulated voltage of today's market. The PLC is the most reliable in protecting critical equipment from harmful effects of voltage variations and electrical noise conditions.

GE Surge and Lighting Protection:
GE engineered these transient voltage surge suppressors (TVSS ) for extreme reliability, flexibility and long life in the most extreme surge environment. The true maximum surge current rating, unlimited by fusing, has been proven successful iin 3rd party test.

Besides single units, we have installed over 800 large systems throughout Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam and China. Our customer base consists base consists of corporate users ranging from large multinationals to medium and small sized companies.

Since our inception, we have been providing unparalleled attention and after-sale service support to our large customer base. Factory trained engineers, local stock of spare parts and an extensive nationwide service network contribute to the customers' satisfaction in Malaysia. Indonesia and Vietnam. Just remember: