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We offer our customers 24 x 7 data center solution by providing the followings:
1) Site Survey and Evaluation
It is crucial to select a site that is able to support the needs of your data center. A facility site evaluation typically pays for itself by improving the overall efficiency of the operation.

2) Preliminary Budget Costing
The most common problem in building a data center is under-estimating the cost by under-estimating or missing some of the works required. With 20 years of experience in data center's building, TTU is capable enough to minimize this problem during the designing stage.

3) Negotiations and Relationships with Building Management
A healthy relationship with the building management will definitely enhance the efficiency of the project progress and costing. TTU will help clients to manage a win/win solution for both tenant and building manager in related to the data center issue.

4) Data Center Design
TTU has all the necessary technical knowledge for designing every element inside a data center and combining all these elements together for a 24x7 data center with high reliability and availability. A complete set of preliminary drawings covering electrical, mechanical, data center layout, communication, as well as other support elements will be provided to clients before construction begins.

5) Project Management
TTU has a project management team that is capable of providing project planning, supervision, and management in order to ensure on-time project handover. With many years of experience, TTU is capable of reacting fast to the changes and surprise occurred during the project stage, and limits the risk of unnecessary additional cost or late delivery. Our project team will also ensure the acceptance, testing and commissioning for each of the equipment to be performed according to the approved specification.

II. 24x7 Service and Support / Maintenance Contract / Facility Audit Services

SERVICE, SUPPORT AND REPAIR down time and a better operational performance for your system.

S- Specialized Skills
M- Monitoring Tools
E- Experienced

Summary of Services Offer:-
- 24 x 7 technically staffed customers response center
- Maintenance contract and service level agreement
- Extensive parts inventory
- Excellent testing facility
- Capability of repairing third party UPS and replacement of batteries
- Trade in programs for used and faulty UPS system


T.T. Power Box Sdn. Bhd provides a suite of monitoring services for our client. These services provide our client with a comprehensive report identifying all risks related to minimizing downtime.

Facility Audit Services comprise of the following:-

These are the engines that operate and give life to your business. If any of those components fails, it will have a direct or non direct impact on to your business. Preventive is better than cure.

Our Services