Rectifier/Battery Charger

The DCmatic Series charge /rectifier utilizes thyristors are the power controlling element. What makes a thyristor controlled rectifier unique is its high efficiency and overload capability.

High efficiency of operation enables the rectifier to deliver higher output current with a lower power loss. The equipment can operate at a cooler temperature. High overload capability means the equipment is less susceptible to damage caused by output overload or short-circuits.

The DCmatic Series charger / rectifier combines these inherent advantages to provide are users products with high reliability and durability. Expectations for longer service life-spans can be achieved.

Rectifier output current even in the event of continuous output short- circuit. No fold-back current is necessary to reduce power dissipation. This feature is advantageous when it is charging up a fully discharge "flattened" battery which almost resembles an output short-circuit.

Standard features :

1) Control :
- ON.OFF switch/breaker for AC input
- High rate/Float charge selector switch

2) Indicator :
- High rate LED
- Float LED
- Rectifier on LED

3) Cubicle Construction :
- Wall mounting or Floor
- Standing sheet enclosure with front opening door and coated with oven baked epoxy finishing.