Salicru UPS

Since seventies SALICRU has been manufacturing Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS), the power converter with batteries that nowadays is protecting most of electrical and computer systems of major companies.

Three-phase On-line

SLC CUBE3 Series

The most versatile solution in electrical protection

The SLC CUBE3 range, conceived with criteria of maximum efficiency and energy savings, covers power ratings from 7.5 to 200 kVA in a highly compact format making it easy to install and uses more than 60% recyclable materials. For highly critical installations or others in need of growth, the units can also be set up in parallel-redundant systems without any need for additional hardware, and each unit also has a wide range of communication possibilities and a large variety of options.

The great flexibility and adaptability of the SALICRU SLC CUBE3 series make it the best option for protection and security for a wide range of installations: data centres (computing centres, centralised sales/distribution systems, hosting, housing,…), IT-networks (server farms, local computer networks, network switches and hubs,…), financial services (bank offices, automatic cash dispensers, card payment authorisation systems,…), industrial processes (productive and control systems, industrial machinery, emergency and lighting systems,…), telecommunications (voice and data networks, radio and TV systems, repeater stations,…) and infrastructures (hospitals, airports, tunnels,…).